• Tracey L Gibson

Will this Celebrant suit your day?

So you're looking at my page and you're thinking hmmm will she be the one.

Do I want to ask Tracey L Gibson to marry me?

TRACEY SAYS: Maybe you need to book a meeting with me first and check me out. Ask me anything you want.

Here are some questions that come to mind

QST: Why did I want to be a Celebrant?-

ANS: I remember going to a wedding for a couple who were both school friends of mine who made all the morning shows due to her choice of wedding.

I think the guests were in a little shock I couldn't see their eyes in the costume but the movement of heads to one side gave it away and the Celebrant had just started!! She had to keep moving back to her ceremony that was on a stand behind her which was distracting. Didn't crack a smile till the end and looked annoyed at the groom because ARRRGGGHHH pretty sure he was nervous as all hell and was trying not to cry. My Girlfriend told me later on that the Celebrant refused their request to wear fairy godmother wings to fit into the theme. I'm not making excuses for her but at least she did all the legals properly. I had always thought about it and at that moment my mind was made up. I was going to be a Celebrant.I was going to entertain and make happy, fun and memorable Ceremonies.

QST: How much experience do I have being a celebrant?

ANS: On my very first wedding I was freaking out I'm not going to sugar coat it. I am usually a very confident person and have done stage productions, sung in front of crowds done ad-lib speeches and plenty more. But the very first wedding ohhh wow!! The bride and Groom were amazing they just had so much going on all at once for one Newbie Celebrant to handle lol. However I made it and was told by many on the way out that I did a brilliant job woo hoo!!

Other then that I have lots.We all have experience in Love and I Love all the time. I love my Husband, Children, Grand children family and friends. You give me the ingredients to your what makes you feel love and I will make it all about you. The whole reason you spend so many months on your day is for this very moment let's etch it into everyones minds. Your Guests will talk about it forever!!

QST: What will I do for your day?

ANS: Pretty much what ever you want me to it's your day not mine as long as it's legal, safe( meaning no extra insurance is needed lol), no jumping out of planes or taking off my clothing we are good to go.You really don't need to see the last part of the answer :-/.

QTS: What are my beliefs?

I Believe that it is your day and not mine I am simply the vessel to help officiate what you have both dreamt about since your engagement. I believe that this day is all about you and only you and should be celebrated for you. Family and friends are a bonus but first and foremost it is all about you and your love journey. Lets make that celebration something to remember for the rest of everyones lives. Hey just imagine the photos!!!

QST: Can I tell you a lil bit about myself?

ANS: Yep <3 <3 I’m pretty laid back, I don’t do mushy I do love, fun with a little bit of laughter.( Laughing is good for the soul) I am honest and blunt which also goes with being honest. My family and friends would possibly say I am a tuff softy pending who you talk too. Pretty focused when I want something I will get it not at the demise of anyone but with gusto. Through my adult years I have become very resourceful if I don't know it I will find out about it. I live by the words EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON - the good the bad and the ugly. the reason may not come straight away but it will come eventually with your aha moment.

My Biggest suggestion is go with your gut instinct.

Life is to short for what if's so don't procrastinate and say hi I am but a phone call away.

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