• Tracey L Gibson

Mr and Mrs Page my very first wedding

So here it is The day has come and gone. I am now a fledged Celebrant. I have been given my wings and are on my way to #ImsohappyIcouldscreamland.

Saturday 16th July 2016

The Forecast was rain There was a buzz and excitement in the air. The love birds had worked so hard to make this day a surprise. The Modern Masquerade was going to be the event of all events,Guests were coming from everywhere.

Everything was going to plan the night was a buzz and everyone was present. The music started ( The wedding March) only a little to get everyones attention and it worked they all looked towards the door to see the most beautiful Bridal party enter the room.

I was so nervous and excited all at the same time what a magical,mystical, crazy, happy ceremony. The bride and Grooms Vows made the night. The guests were in hysterics and then there was the kiss a perfect ending to the start of a new beginning.

My Life couldn't get any better! I have two passions and this one is increasingly becoming number 1 on the list. Thank you to the most understanding, caring and giving bride and groom a newbie could have. I wish you both love, life and eternal bliss xo

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