• Tracey Gibson

Mother hen watching over her chicklets

So I am still awaiting my first wedding but have a few in the pipeline this year which is AMAZING!!! One thing that keeps a smile on my face is watching my couples organising their weddings. What a fantastic path I have taken it gives me so much joy being given the honour of marrying them but then I get to watch the journey they take on the way to their intended day.

Seriously this is one of the most important days in both their lives together. I have been watching from afar and like a mother hen have been grinning from ear to ear with pride at my lil chicklets and how they have conducted themselves with organising this and that on the social media pages we are all on. It takes all my might not to jump in and say you go girl so proud of you because it's not all about me it's about them and all my very excited being is holding back so they can grow together on this path they have chosen.

I want to be married again shhhhh don't tell my husband hahaha.

With this in mind I can't wait for my first wedding and I don't ever want it to end.

Let my journey watch a thousand journeys and be the most beautiful journeys for all xox

Much Love and Happy Planning

The Travelling Celebrant


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