• Tracey Gibson

The little people love weddings!!

My Heritage is Maori, born in New Zealand raised in Australia I had the best of both worlds. If there was ever an event on in my family you could guarantee that Mum, Dad, brother, cousins, aunties, friends, nieces and nephews would all be there no invite needed it was just known that if you were holding it they were coming. These days we have all grown up and started new families ( there are hundreds of us here lol) but know that if someone needs any one of us you can guarantee we'll drop everything to be there.

Back when I was younger most of our family weddings had dozens of kids attending it was the norm and easily over 100 people invited to them it was chaos lots of laughter, dancing and fun to be had. These days we still have the same thing chaos, lots of laughter and dancing however children are not always invited it is a preference which as a Bride and Groom is not an easy decision, it is your day and understandable that budget plays a huge part in the choice of inviting the kids. Prices have risen in the wedding industry and every business for that matter. People are busy and not everyone can make it because technology allows us to live anywhere in the world.

But if you have decided you couldn't possibly live without the little people at your wedding there are plenty of things you could do to keep them busy bees and entertained for hours. Belo is a link I found on Pinterest you may find some fun for your day or just inspiration for your own ideas. Hope it helps and let me know if you used any of it.

Happy planning Love Doves xo

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