• The travelling Celebrant xo

Had some Schooling last Friday .

So my friend the beautiful Robn Cole invited me to a wedding she was doing at Harrigans Jacobs well and wow it was beautiful this lady is very organised and kowledgeable, no wonder she is so busy.

The bride was beautiful and the bridesmaids had pretty sparkly shoes on I love a bit of sparkle just devine .They had a memory candle for those that had past and a hand fasting which I have not yet seen so I am greatful she let me come and I am going to be making some ribbons ASAP ..I can't wait to get cracking my celebrantitis-( addiction to stalking celebrants online) is gettin worse arrrggghh.

I also decided to not hold my breath that Attorney Generals office is on Fiji time for sure.

Til next time

Stay in love its easier then being angry.

Tracey xo

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