• Tracey Gibson

My Very dear friend from school was my first :-)

Ok so I just have to share with you, my dear Friend Sarah form High School and her Darling Damien asked me to marry them February 20th as they had heard I was doing this CRAZY AWESOME course to become a celebrant. I was honoured howerver I was not going to be qualified to do the wedding in time arrrgghhh. We needed a plan so I asked my beautiful friend/Mentor Robyn Cole who is an amazing soul and celebrant to please be present for the legal side of things and to fill in all the Legal paper work and tadaaaaa we got these two crazy cats married!

WOW! what exhilaration from doing that Ceremony I realised this is truly what I am supposed to be doing,I have found my MOJO I came home from that day feeling on top of the world! Just watching the smiles, the laughing and the tears on everyones faces it was like I had captured Sarah and Damien in the ceremony and everyone was agreeing arrrrggghh soooo cooool.Congratulations My friends I hope you have as many happy years as your souls can carry you are absolutely made for each other xoxo

I can't wait to do this again boy oh boy I'm excited.

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