• Tracey Gibson

The anticipation of the wait for my application to be a Celebrant

Soooooooo I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs sitting here on my lazy boy as I have a break inbetween work and going to the doctor arrrghhhhh,Christopher is at work and daughter at school, thinking about how excited I was to become a celebrant and the high I will recieve from meeting so many people and making so many friends (if you haven't already picked it I love socialising ) .

Me 1: what can I do to pass time

Me 2: start your blog

Then It dawned on me I'm still waiting for the honourable Attorneys office to send me a yay or a nae boy oh boy this process is sloooowwww but the positive is I get to fill up my blog and give you all an insight to my excitedness woo! stay tuned with the same anticipation. NO WAIT I CAN'T PUBLISH THIS till I get my certificate and another resounding arrrrgggghhhhh.......

Me 1:well that was clever no one can see your blog

Me 2: you filled up your break now go to the doctors!


So cheers to waiting in anticipation...

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