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LGBT Marriage equality in Australia.




I'll be honest I had not really thought about marriage equality to any depth until I was marrying my soul mate whom I now call my Husband a few years ago.


I have lots of friends in the LGBT community I was just ignorant to the fact. Until I was educated by my Videographers who were the most amazing, caring upbeat couple you could imagine.


They both informed me they had to be married overseas to make it legal.

That was my light bulb moment.


I was not yet a Celebrant and this affected me because I knew how they felt. I didn't say anything to them but it stuck in my mind.

I am in no way an expert on the subject but what I have found is that most people don't want special privileges in life they just want to be treated equally no more no less. It truly is that simple yet some of us in this vast nation are having a very hard time becoming accustomed to this when there are so many more deeper issues happening around us. 

This is why I put my hand up and say I want marriage equality.  I want my friends to feel like they fit in and scream to the world WE ARE MARRIED !! I want to hold a drink and toast to the married couple. I want to hear their beautiful stories of how they married legally in front of their friends on Australian soil. 

Marriage equality is unfortunately having to go through the dish washer, a strainer and quite a few other things at the moment. Why I don't fully understand as I believe we should all be equal and I have my own reasons.  I don't understand how it feels to made aware you do not have the same privilege to love and be loved and marry the one you choose for life but I do understand what it is like to just want to love and be loved without the backlash. 

Fast forward to today

I am now a celebrant and pay my families way by the laws that govern marriage. I will always abide by the marriage act and again if and when these laws change abide by them also.  I love what I do and my sole intention is to celebrate my couples journey of love with gusto. I may possibly  have the opportunity to marry many of my friends ( If not happy to be on the guest list saluting)  who are patiently awaiting with excitement and anticipation for Australia to catch up to the rest of the free living world. 

This in itself will be an honour and fits perfectly into my beliefs that any person who loves another should have the equal right to marry that person anywhere and at anytime for as long as they see fit.

LGBT Marriage equality in Australia


Last but not least


If you took two wedding rings and placed them on the table, then asked any person from the street what they thought those rings represented? What average answer do you think you would get? 


I'm guessing the words Love, commitment, family, unity,  eternity, celebrations, two people who love one another come to mind and the list goes on. Very rarely if at any point will you hear man and women in this discussion. 

It is Just a thought.